Used Engines

Hello Lawyer Wu,

I have a quick question about Used Engines that I need your professional advice on and know only you can help. I recently was in the market for used engines for both of my BMW 325’s that my wife and I both drive, We purchased both cars at the same time in 2000 and the current mileage on them is between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. I drive a little more than my wife so I racked up a few more miles on my own. The reason for writing is, I find it highly coincidental that both motors locked up within 3 months of each other and even more coincidental that each one was just out of warranty from the manufacture. I have always had the vehicles serviced at manufacturers recommended times at the dealer where we purchased them at new. I also have a toyota pickup that I use for odds and end running around that is 15 years old with over 150,000 miles and it still runs like brand new.

Used Engines

Is there any recourse or action to be taken against the dealer for the engines even though they are out of warranty? I remember when these same vehicles would run for 300,000 miles before ever giving any problems. Luckily I was able to locate both used engines at a place in Rosemark, TN called My Used Engines who were more than helpful on explaining the that a lot of the engine problems that occurred were from the type of oil and gas being used by today’s dealers and gas providers.

Used Engine Problems

Please let me know if there is anything we can do to show the local BMW dealer that we will not tolerate this type of abuse, just so they can show a bigger profit from their service department on the amount of used engines they sell and install, because I for one will never be visiting the dealership again when I need any work done to my vehicles and I am moving back to Toyota from now on and the quality seems to be so much better.

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