Lake Greeson Reale Estate

Q. Hello I have a piece of property for sale on Lake Greeson, Arkansas. Recently I was offered a owner finance option by someone here that specializes in unique pieces of Lake Greeson Real Estate. If I make an owner financing deal on this piece of real este that I have for sale, how do I know that I am protected like I would if I were to have used a title company.

I have never been in an owner finance type of situation and it just doesn’t seem legit. Do I need to take any special measures to protect my investment? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

A. Hello Lake Greeson Real Estate. Owner financing is becoming more popular now days as buyers and sellers are both looking for creative ways to handle real estate investments without getting immediate bank approval. The process is actually just the same minus the fact that a real estate agent is not brokering the transaction. I would use a local lawyer and a title company as this is a process I do often myself.

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