Hot Springs Village Real Estate

Q. I was looking at a property for sale in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and noticed that the neighbors fence was protruding past the flags where the property was marked coming over into the one we were looking at. Does that mean that the neighbor has to pull the fence up and move it. I mean what are the laws regarding people going onto your property when putting a fence up? I called the Hot Springs Village Real Estate association and they said it was a matter that would have to be handled downtown, but it seems to me if the property is marked and they went over, then they need to make it right.

A. Hey there Hot Springs Village Real Estate and that is a great question, however this one will vary by state and even by city or county as far as zoning regulations. What you would need to do is find out what the laws are for the city or county that the property resides. Unfortunately some states and local municipalities have a grandfather clause that will take ownership of the land if the fence has been up for so many years.

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