Construction Leads for Contractors

Having worked with so many small businesses in the construction industry, I’m fascinated when I find new services that can help out my former and existing clients.  Recently I got to know a group by the name of BuildingHunter when I had to collect some Building Permit Data for a project.  Not only were they able to help me out with my research needs but I also found out that they provide a steady stream of Construction Leads to all their subscribers.

Now I think this is a great idea and a service that anyone who could possibly do business in the Construction Industry should look into.  Rather if you provide portable toilets at the start of a construction project or if you service Air Conditioning systems , you have to know what construction projects are taking place and this does exactly that for you.

Texas Construction Leads

Currently BuildingHunter offers construction leads in the Austin Metro, Houston Metro, Dallas-Fort Worth Metro, and San Antonio Metro areas but will be expanding nationally very soon.  When I spoke with the guys over there they told me they offer reports on Commercial, Residential, and even Swimming Pools.  Now my advice to you is if you’re in the business of selling goods or providing services to the construction industry, you should head over to BuildingHunter’s website and see if they can’t help you find some new clients to service!

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