Windsor Equity Group – Dallas Texas

Hello Lawyer Wu, I have been receiving harassing phone calls from 469-484-5750 a company called the Windsor Equity Group in Dallas Texas. They are looking for someone with the same last name but no relation to me. After telling them I couldn’t help, they kept calling and calling and eventually I was terminated by my employer for the harassing phone calls.

Turns out this company Global Equity Group was featured on Dateline NBC for their fraudulent practices and illegal activities. The company president states that it is the cost of doing business. You should read the reviews on Windsor Equity Group , it is amazing at what criminal activities they have gotten away with.

Can I sue them for compensation as they obviously violated my rights?

A. ABSOLUTELY, what they have done is very illegal and you should punish them for conducting business in such a manner. The first step is to call your local law enforcement agency and file a written complaint of harassment. Be sure to indicate that you asked them not to call back. You also have every right to file a complaint with the FTC at for violating your rights.

I encourage everyone that has problems with Windsor Equity Group to contact me if you would like to become part of a class-action lawsuit against them.

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