CDL Jobs and Truck Driving Jobs with a felony?

To get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to transport passengers, to drive a taxi cab, activity vehicle, school or public bus or van, you must provide evidence that you have no criminal record and that you have not been convicted of driving under the influence within five years of the date of your application. You may also be denied a CDL if you have been convicted of certain driving violations (usually involving drugs, alcohol, felonies, and serious traffic violations), even if it occurred while you were driving your own personal vehicle. Finding CDL Jobs can be even more challenging if one has had a felony strike against their record. With the abundance of Truck Driving Jobs on the market today, it would make it even harder to acquire a cdl job with a criminal background, considering all the well qualified truck drivers out there, just waiting on a job.

I have heard of a website that actually recruits and finds placement for Truck Drivers looking for CDL Driving Jobs across the US. You can visit their site at CDL for more info on getting a CDL Job if you have a felony background.

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